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We are pocoz,
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We help organizations and communities fulfill their purpose

Our vision

Tal Sheffer, our founder and CEO, is a seasoned veteran in the high-tech industry, with over 30 years of experience in senior technical positions (CTO, development manager, innovation manager) in a variety of companies in Israel and the US. He is an expert in developing new technologies and complex products used by numerous enterprises around the world.


A few years ago he left his job as CTO of Skybox Security to fulfill his dream and create pocoz. He recruited a talented team, who believe in the same goal and that's how we got going.


Since then, we have been focusing on making community collaboration an easy, simple and truly rewarding process - for both organizations and communities.


The core principles that guide us

Our values

People are drawn to community life

Communities are a strong and incredibly diverse social structure. They can be small or large, permanent or temporary, closed or open. At the end of the day we are all social beings, and are happier when in contact with other humans.

Communities are at the center of pocoz's work. The product exists for them, and is designed to strengthen them, helps them form and allow the people who are part of the community to work together to achieve common goals.

Generating results

Why bother? Because it really works

pocoz empowers community members - and it's crucial that they know that. Typically, many community members have been disillusioned in the past and find it hard to believe that real community collaboration exists. And if they do not believe they can make an impact, they will not devote their time to get involved.

Therefore, it is important that we make users feel that their activity in pocoz has a real impact. If we instill in them a sense of agency and power, they will participate again.


Community collaboration is enjoyable

In order to achieve the overarching purpose of the organization, it needs to succeed in attracting its members to it. If being involved in the community is boring or harmful community members will not participate.

If we spice up the engagement with excitement and fun, we can make the experience more interesting for the users, and subsequently get them to recommend the experience to others and come back again for the next activity.


Keeping it simple has many benefits

Simple products are more accessible and easier to use. As a result they are also open and available to more people: those who are proficient in the use of technology, and those who type with one finger ; Those who speak fluently and those that don't. Simplicity breaks down barriers and increases the chance of community collaboration among diverse populations.


Crucial for community collaboration
For community collaboration to work, people need to invest time and effort to take part in decision-making. They will not do that unless they know that they can truly influence matters. Maintaining full transparency at every stage of the process is the way to harness community members to work together.


Although our world is constantly changing, people remain people. They have dreams, aspirations, motivations and needs. When we make decisions that affect people we must talk to them, listen, understand their needs and consider their opinions. It is not an easy task, even in small groups, and it becomes much more complicated when dealing with large communities.

This is the reason we created pocoz, an online platform with a set of tools and templates that every organization needs to get to know its community members, engage in a dialogue with them, learn from them and achieve common goals together.

Our Team

Pocoz is first and foremost our people,  our own community - professional, creative, believe in the common goal and proud of the opportunity to positively impact the society in which we live - we are here to lead the change for our customers.


Founder, CEO

Tal Sheffer


Director of Customers

Yael Brik


Founder, CTO


Sefy Ophir

Project Manager


Roni Ben Zikry

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