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Collaborate with your customers and build better products.

Improve your products and increase customer satisfaction by collaborating with your customers in a continuous, scalable and cost-effective manner: roadmap prioritization, support forums, beta feedback, feature reviews, personalized product updates, blind spots detection, feature requests and more…


With pocoz you can understand what your customers really want, make better decisions and save valuable time and resources.

Harness the power of collaboration

Turn your customers into a community

Joint feedback

Combine individual feedback with joint community feedback to understand the collaborative voice of your customers.

Meaningful insights

Analyze your customers' comments and activities to better understand their needs.

Flexible integration

Integrate pocoz seamlessly into your workflow processes.

All in one place

Manage dozens of communication tools and templates in a single platform.

Strong community ties

Help your customers connect with their peers and resolve each other's questions and issues.

Rich visual tools

Enrich your data with engaging mediums such as videos, photo galleries and maps.

Everybody's involved

Achieve higher participation rates and better representation of your entire customer base.

Community segmentation

Segment your customers by product, interests, location and ARR to provide a personalized experience.

Strong customization

Make pocoz your own, by using its strong visual and behavioral customization features.

Our modules



All the tools your community needs 







Maximum impact, maximum engagement  

​Our unparalleled decision-making tools turn your customers into influential stakeholders and dramatically increase their brand engagement.


With our update tools you can provide your customers with personalized updates based on their interests, location, the products that they use, or any other attribute.

Personalized updates 


Stay connected with your customers

​With our diverse feedback tools you can understand what your customers really need and use that information to develop your product in a cost effective manner.


Innovating together

​With our ideation tools you can collect ideas and suggestions for improvement from your customers and allow them to prioritize the ideas of their peers.

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